Tips & Tricks to Avoid the Epidemic that is Winter Hair!

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Having problems with winter hair? Unfortunately in Calgary most women and men face new problems with their hair in once winter rolls in. Whether it be static, dryness, or limp hair we all have to re-formulate for our new found problems. Here are some tips and tricks for avoiding the epidemic that is winter hair:

Facing static?
Try Joico Dry Oil Spray to tack down those pesky flyaways. The oil, although not heavy, is able to add a layer of shine and hydration keeping static under control.

Problems with dry, coarse hair?
Often times the problem lies within your shampoo and conditioner. Consider trying something new! You have to think about your hair color, texture, and density when picking out the perfect shower combo. Choosing the wrong shampoo and conditioner can result in a heavy build up on your hair or dry and brittle hair. Once you find the right duo for you your hair will feel softer, more manageable. and shinier.

Chronic hat-head?
Kevin Murphy Powder Puff contains the same ingredients as a dry shampoo so it helps combat oily roots, as well as it is easily re-activated by a gentle tousle at the root giving you a voluminous finish.

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